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2011-03-15 03:32:51 by hateoner

I'm Hate,
I love Madness Combat & Skateboarding...
I like maths.
I HATE your life..

Madness: The Revange



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2011-03-15 10:22:28

From your first post, I can tell many things about you.
You have decent grammar, but simple words such as "Revenge" will catch you up, leading to my assumption that you, along with a large percentage of users on this site, are under-aged (under 13).
Another thing, you will plan to animate and use an easy way out.
As for your picture(s), they will most likely not consist of any original content.

I suggest that you wait until you are of proper maturity and can actually spell, then come back to this site and ask for help on how to animate.
Or look for a tutorial, even though most suck.

hateoner responds:

My language is simple nose because I am Spanish and my English are bad, and yes, I am an adult ..


2012-05-19 09:38:58

sono immagini di altri episodi madness, per Rockyusa io ho 7 anni e vado in seconda elementare.